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Four Month Intensive Learning Outline

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Proudly, Fourty years as a professional recording studio, Fiasco Bros. is once again offering its a recording course. This course offers the chance to those who want to learn modern recording techniques taught by experienced industry professionals, in a comfortable and condusive atmosphere. With almost all hands on instructing and a small student to instructor ratio, our course has helped many people into positions within the industry. With now over Fourty years behind us we are a staple in the West Coast music industry.

This course is meant to be 4 months of dedicated instruction mixed with as many days of hands on studio time a student can fit in in the time. Usally we pick times that are convenient for instruction, other time is made available for students to sit in on actual sessions. A balance of information and "learn by doing".
For this reason we only take one or two students at a time.

1.Orientation -

Students introduced to studio environment and recording process
-signal flow (mic- mixing board - hard drive -speakers)
-recording medium (analog vs. digital)


-pre amps
-phase relationships
-phantom power
-auxiliary sends
-sub groups


-positioning and applications
-pickup patterns
Outboard Gear

-noise gates
-effect units

Studio Etiquette

-Knowing your role in the studio
-Various positions (who does what)

Studio Maintenance

-cleaning gear

Computer Hard Drive Recording

- A/D converters
- Soundforge
- Nuendo
- multi track recording
- Workstation editing
- Video Editing and Post sound


After students are comfortable with the studio atmosphere, and fully understand the gear and applications, the rest will be on the job training. Using various bands the remainder of the course will be recording projects from start to finish, from miking the drum kit for bed tracks to mixing, mastering and burning a CD. Each session will allow the students to further understand what is a very complicated process. In this way the students can interact and learn to perform in a professional environment, as well as better understand the job qualifications


Recording of demo artists

Production students will be introduced to various production techniques, the who, what. where, when and why's of music and sound production

Bed tracks students will be rotated through every position during the course of recording the bed tracks for each individual demo artist

Overdubbing students will learn the process of overdubbing various instruments and vocal tracks through observation then participation

Mixing students will learn the art of mixing a song from 24 tracks to a finished 2 track version, how to audibly represent each instrument/track to its full potential

Digital editing students will learn the basis of hard disk digital recording programs as well as the pros and cons of digital recording and editing

Mastering students will learn how to take a finished (Mixed) song, add final touches (Mastering)and burn to cd

Live Broadcast students will learn how to stream, record, and archive audio for various live shows at the studio

Audio and Video Lots of audio and video for short films is constantly being recorded at the studio

Cost 4 months - $3000.00

Limited enrolment - call anytime ! (604) 525-3974


Thanks for your interest,
Len Osanic
Studio Manager
Fiasco Bros. Studio

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