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Alex Cambell Restaurant Ad

Jeff and Alex!

Alex learns digital recording

Alex and Amanda

Alex before Jenny Craig!

Alex! what a nice young man

1997 - "Quick 6" Campbell
Scored Four Converts in a single game!
Last interception he ran back for the game winning Touchdown!

Alex get some tips from Lui !

1998 - Who's The Man!

More Football... Alex Plays B.C. Place 1999

Alex Jeff and Len Ski trip 2003

Alex Jeff and Len Ski trip 2003

Alex, Brad and Len Ski trip 2004

Alex plays songs with the band at the studio

Jay and Alex singing tracks for their next album

ALEXY is Sexy

Blue Boy

Crunch... Crunch...

For the Film Soundtrack

Matt and Alex

"Let the little tike drive"

"Alex at the cabin"

Uncle Kelly

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